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Cambridgeshire’s Emergency Service for Wildlife & Domestic Animals

Fenland Animal Rescue provides a professional and specialist animal rescue services throughout Cambridgeshire. Our team respond to incidents throughout the county and ensure no animal goes without the care, treatment and support it requires during its time of need. Our specialist rescue team is able to deploy various assets to each corner of the county within 60 minutes, and provide an enhanced insight to other agencies involved when necessary. It is our belief that by working together with partnership agencies, we are able to ensure the best possible outcome for any animal related incident.

Rescued Squirrel feeding at Fenland Animal Rescue
Animal Rescue Services
We provide a safe haven for all animals, wild or domestic and rehabilitate them to allow them to have a second chance at life.
Our Animal Rescue Officer assisting the emergency services with a Swan.
Animal Advice
Even if we are unable to cover your area, we like to provide as much information as possible and assist you in any way we can.
Animal Adoption Programme from Fenland Animal Rescue
Adoption Program
We run a successful animal adoption program, with a range of cats and dogs as well as other ideal animals for pets.
We rely on donations, you can donate animal supplies.
Support & Donations
We rely on the donations and support from the public to keep our needed services in the area to the local wildlife going.

We Run Entirely on Public Donations,
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We Provide Sanctuary, For Any Wild or Domestic Animal

Every animal deserves a happy life and its our aim to see humans and animals live side by side in harmony and out of danger. 

We work closely with emergency services and assist them with any animal related incidents and provide a safe place for animals involved in their cases.

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Visit the adoptions page to find animals who are searching for their forever homes!


Visit our adoptions page to find some true
characters searching for their forever homes.
Every animal deserves a life-long home full of love,
So if you can provide a second chance to an animal in need,
then please get in touch with our team today!

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Latest Adoptions

We love to find permanent homes for all of our animals, so if you are searching for a new addition, look no further than our newest arrivals!

Roger, Rafa and Andy

Roger, Rafa and Andy

Rabbit Adoption Meet Roger, Rafa and Andi These are three rabbits that know how to play ball. Roger rabbit is the most energetic of all...

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Michael and Lincoln

Michael and Lincoln

Rabbit Adoption Meet Michael and Lincoln These two adorable rabbits are brothers, and have been together all their lives. They were...

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Bubbles, Buttercup, Blossom, Professor

Bubbles, Buttercup, Blossom, Professor

Ferret Adoption Meet Bubbles, Buttercup, Blossom and the Professor These lovely ferrets were taken into a vets, by a member of the...

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