Mute Swan   Injured  Chatteris

<B>Mute Swan</B>   Injured<br><img src="" width="15" height="15">  Chatteris

We were alerted to the presence of a swan in need of rescue on the side of a very busy road in Chatteris. We immediately tasked an Animal Collection Officer to evaluate the situation and rescue if necessary. As there were no waterways local to the road and due to the erratic behaviour of the bird, we immediately ascertained that relocation would be necessary. Upon his admission to the centre, the swan did not appear to have any injuries and after a night of rest and recuperation at our centre, he was successfully released onto the lakes of Ferry Meadows in Peterborough and into the company of other swans.

Species: Swan
Reason: Trapped
Sex: Male
Date: 13 November 2015
Area: Chatteris
Status: RELEASED   14 November 2015

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