Green Woodpecker   Injured    Pondersbridge

One of our Animal Collection Officers responded to the call for help for this unfortunate woodpecker, which was brought down in the recent high winds and suffered a broken wing. She was admitted to our centre and placed into one of our outdoor pens which is as natural and secluded a habitat as possible, and both the woodpecker and the team made a valiant effort at its recovery. Unfortunately, Due to the stress of the injury combined with highly-strung nature of this stunning bird, she regrettably passed away peacefully in a warm and safe environment. It is sad to say that many animals cannot cope with the loss of freedom that the healing process requires and our team are saddened that this beautiful bird is one such species. Where there is a hope for a successful prognoses, we at Fenland Animal Rescue will always give that animal its best chance regardless of outcome.

In cases of this nature we always look at the best long-term interests of the animal and work with experts of that field to make sure the decision we make is the right one for the animal. Our hearts hang heavy with this decision, but we know, as always, we did everything we could for this most graceful and elegant bird.

Species: Green Woodpecker
Reason: Injured
Sex: Female
Date: 22 November 2015
Area: Pondersbridge

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