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Pig Rescue – Soham

This rescue came about when we answered a member of the publics plea for help after she had seen a large number of pigs being sold on a public social media forum for slaughter. At this point, we must stress how difficult it is to find forever homes for a single pig, let alone 15! Our team worked tirelessly for 2 weeks, day and night, in order to secure a future for these pigs, and you, the public, rallied together to help support us in this rescue. That however, was just the beginning of this rescue!

The massive undertaking was apparently from the start, as not only did we have to locate a home for 15 pigs, but the sheer amount of paperwork and licensing that is required to transport these animals is staggering! However, our team overcame the hurdles and set the rescue in stone! Things were looking bleak, although funds were being raised and the ball was rolling, we were yet to find homes for anyone! That was until we were fortunate enough to link up with Tower Hill Animal Sanctuary who agreed to take not 1, but all 15 into their care! The move took 2 whole days which involved veterinary checks, loading, transporting and unloading at the other end before we could sit back and appreciate the impossible task that we had completed! We are extremely proud to have rescued and saved these incredible animals, it’s cases like these that remind us why we continue to fight to protect these animals! Pigs are often overlooked and given a raw deal, but these animals have touched the hearts of many people involved with this case and we hope that they continue to touch many more!

Our efforts now turn to raising enough funds to have all the males castrated so that they can join their sisters in the large paddock field! We are also looking for funds in order to support them going forward. They are now in the comfort of Tower Hill, This is where they will spend the rest of their natural lives in the comfort of knowing that, never again will they be mistreated or manhandled and they will now receive the love, care and attention they deserve! Your generous donations will enable us to have these animals castrated and continue to help us support them going forward, every pound given, will help change a life for the better!

Species: Pigs (15)
Reason: Rescued from Slaughter
Sex: Males & Females
Date: 22 January 2017
Area: Soham

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