Barn Owl   Injured  Haddenham

<B>Barn Owl</B>   Injured<br><img src="" width="15" height="15">  Haddenham

Found at the side of the road by a member of the public, this barn owl came to us severely underweight and with what was initially diagnosed as a cataract in his left eye. Unfortunately the treatment had little effect and so we sought specialist advice. It was discovered that this poor owl had a much deeper problem which ran through his entire eye and beyond.

We are deeply saddened that the decision had to be made to euthanase this beautiful bird. We try incredibly hard to give every animal a chance, and this decision did not come easily or lightly. In this case his prognosis for re-release was not good. He would be permanently deaf and blind on his left side which would leave him unable to hunt, it had also become clear that he was beginning to suffer extreme pain due to his un-treatable condition.

Species: Barn Owl
Reason: Injured
Sex: Male
Date: 06 October 2015
Area: Haddenham

In cases of this nature we always look at the best long-term interests of the animal and work with experts of that field to make sure the decision we make is the right one for the animal. Our hearts hang heavy with this decision, but we know, as always, we did everything we could for this most graceful and elegant of birds.

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