Muntjac Deer   Injured  March

<B>Muntjac Deer</B>   Injured<br><img src="" width="15" height="15">  March

Injured Muntjac Deer – March

It’s never easy tending to some of the cases that we do, but we tackle our emotions for the animals sake. This beautiful Muntjac was the victim of a recent road traffic collision in which he received catastrophic internal and external injuries. We attend 3-5 deer collisions each month on Cambridgeshire’s roads, and many sustain injuries that cannot be repaired, therefore, euthanasia is the kindest thing we can do to help end their pain and suffering. It’s never easy for any of our team when we have to make the decision to end an animal’s life, and we always exhaust every option before making the final decision, but we find comfort in knowing that we can prevent the animal from suffering for longer. 

Species: Muntjac Deer
Reason: Injured
Sex: Male
Date: 21st February 2017
Area: March

Road Traffic Collisions with wildlife aren’t always preventable, but by reducing your speed on rural roads, you stand a better chance at reacting in time should wildlife enter the carriageway. Please think about the animals of our county and always stay vigilant when driving on our County’s rural roads. We hope this little guy is resting peacefully now and we are glad that we were there to help end his suffering if nothing else.

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