Fox   Injured  March

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Injured Fox – March

This young fox was involved in a Road Traffic Collision on a busy road in the town of March, Cambridgeshire. A member of the public witness him beneath a vehicle and immediately called our team for help. On arrival, the team noticed that he was beneath the vehicle and displayed worrying signs of a serious neurological injury. Once extracted from beneath the vehicle, he was rushed to a local veterinary practice to be sedated, before being transferred to a specialist veterinary hospital for further scans and tests. Both the x-rays and CT scans indicated that the brain was shaken, causing some swelling, but no extensive damage had been caused in the accident. He did however, have a severe middle ear infection and several lacerations and abrasions to his head, legs and abdomen that all needed extensive treatment.

Species: Fox
Reason: Injured
Sex: Male
Date: 13th February
Area: March

He remained sedated throughout the following 24 hours before being transferred to the National Fox Welfare Society for further intensive care. He has since undergone various blood tests to check for infections which lead to the diagnosis of Toxoplasmosis with incredibly high exposure levels. He will remain in the care of NFWS for the following months to receive treatment for the Toxoplasmosis and to enable him recover. He will be reviewed at a later date to determine whether he is able to be released once again. Everyone at F.A.R is keeping their fingers, toes and paws crossed for this little guy, and we hope that he will be able to go free one day soon!

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