Fox   Injured  Peterborough

<B>Fox</B>   Injured<br><img src="" width="15" height="15">  Peterborough

This urban fox was reported to us by some concerned residents in Peterborough, after it was seen limping around their gardens. She had even been brave enough to take food from their hands and even enter their homes in search of a meal. Our rescue team were able to recover the fox and transported her to our veterinary team for a veterinary assessment. Her injury, although quite infected, is nothing more than a flesh wound, therefore, it was cleaned, dressed and sutured before returning to our centre for some rehabilitation. She was be back on her feet in no time at all and free to continue her life in the wild!


Species: Fox
Reason: Injured
Sex: Female
Date: 28 February 2016
Area: Peterborough

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