Kestrel   Injured  Wisbech

<B>Kestrel</B>   Injured<br><img src="" width="15" height="15">  Wisbech

Injured Kestrel  – Wisbech

This Kestrel was found in a garden unable to fly. Our Animal Rescue Technician attended and managed to capture the bird with the least amount of fuss so as to prevent the wounded creature from becoming stressed, which is the primary goal of any rescue operation.

Upon returning to our wildlife hospital, the bird was given a full examination, and weighed so that we can assess the condition of the bird. We was surprised to find that the wings appeared mostly undamaged, and so we assume that the bird has sustained a minor collision injury which has rendered her temporarily dizzy and disorientated. We will monitor her progress over the next couple of days and all being well, she will be released back to where she was collected from.

Species: Kestrel
Reason: Injured
Sex: Female
Date: 20th December 2017
Area: Wisbech

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