Mute Swan   Injured  Cambridge

<B>Mute Swan</B>   Injured<br><img src="" width="15" height="15">  Cambridge

Injured Swan – Milton

This swan was seen in the Milton Country Park in Cambridge with an injury to the wing. Our On-Call Rescue Team were alerted and tasked with the case. Upon arrival, the swan was quickly located and the team entered the water using specialist equipment to bring the bird to safety. Initial first-aid was administered to strap the wing and prevent further damage during transport. Once with the veterinary team, the swan underwent various x-rays which revealed a serious, but clean fracture to the largest bone in the wing. When dealing with wildlife cases, we must always consider whether the animal can go on to make a full recovery and when ready, be returned to the wild. It is our belief that these animals belong in the wild and not in captivity for the remainder of their lives, therefore, it is essential that our team make the right decision, in the animals best interest. In this case, the fracture was clean and fixable, therefore, a specialist orthopaedic operation was performed to stabilise the fracture and set it in place for recovery.

Species: Swan
Reason: Injured
Sex: Female
Date: 07 February 2016
Area: Milton

After several weeks of rest & relaxation, the swan was back to the vets to review the fractures progress. X-rays clearly indicated that the fracture was healing perfectly and the external fixations were removed. The swan spent a further few weeks recovering in our care before being assessed for release once again. With green lights all around and the approval from the veterinary team, The swan was returned back to Milton County Park with a tag in place for further identification and monitoring! With no further complications or concerns, the swan has been discharged from our care to continue his life on the water ways of Cambridgeshire!

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