Cat   Entrapment  March

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Trapped Cat – March

Our on-call rescue team received a call for help late one night from a distressed woman, who’s cat was stuck on the roof! ‘Teddy’ is a young female cat that unfortunately found herself on the rooftop with no way down. Our team initially responded late that evening due to the risk of falling with the high winds, but once they arrived, they assessed the situation and found teddy to be hiding under the large set of solar panels on the roof, therefore, the decision was made to call off the rescue for the night and come back during day light hours.

Animal Rescue Specialist Joshua Flanagan attended the scene, and using specialist climbing equipment, was able to scale the rooftop to where Teddy was hiding. After spending sometime anchored on the roof, Josh was able to gain enough trust from Teddy, which allowed him to get close enough to reassure and comfort her. Whilst Teddy was safe from immediate danger under the panels, the time she had spent in the dark and high winds had clearly left her shaken, therefore, reassuring her was paramount to ensure all parties were safe and calm throughout the rescue. Once Teddy was ready, she was picked up and both Josh and Teddy made their way back to the ground where Teddy was reunited with her awaiting family!

Our Rescue Specialists train tirelessly in using the specialist equipment to be able to perform these dangerous and difficult rescues safely. We provide a specialist rescue service that not only allows these animals to receive the help faster than usual, but a service that also allows us to also alleviate the strain on our local Fire and Rescue Service. By providing this service, we allow fire crews to remain available for other emergencies in the county and prevent the spending of thousands each year on small animal related incidents. We ask the public to remember that these rescue’s are very dangerous, and you should never attempt a rescue yourself. Whilst we all want our animals to receive the help immediately, it’s best to stand back, and telephone for help!

With that said, we can finish this case by saying that Teddy is now tucked up nicely in her own bed, like nothing even happened! We are happy to report that she’s no worse off from her ordeal and back to eating and drinking as per usual!

100% Professional – 100% Voluntary – 0% Pay

Species: Cat
Reason: Trapped (Rooftop)
Sex: Female
Date: 04 February 2017
Area: March

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